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Use It: Your Library

It’s been a while since I reminded you to use your public library, afterall, it exists for you!

In the last four weeks since I finished school I have borrowed:
9 books
7 audio books (online downloads so I didn’t even have to leave home for them)
24 DVDs (includes movies, TV series and workouts)
3 CDs

Given my reluctance to spend money on stuff that might create clutter, I cannot claim a vast savings, but I can figure that I enjoyed materials valued at over $600 at no cost to me (I am very diligent about returning items on time not just so I am not fined, but so that they are available for others to enjoy as well).

I challenge you to visit your library (get a jump start by searching your library’s online catalog), find materials that appeal to you and treat yourself to something free (return it on time)!

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  • Anonymous March 17, 2007, 6:31 pm

    Great posting, I’m in total agreement with you. The library is great, isn’t it? To me, it’s a treasure house – I’m like you, I check out movies (you can reserve so much on line beforehand and get them in no time), audio stuff and books. I sometimes first check out some actor whose work I like on IMDb and check the library first. The point is, I no longer go to video stores and have seldom bought a book I haven’t first perused thoroughly first (cook books, gardening, history, etc.), thanks to the public library. My entertainment costs me basically nothing and. That is so great.