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#udandiKitchen Remodel – Counters

The #udandiKitchen remodel hit a snag when it came to the counters thanks to Home Depot and their contractors.

I did not realize that when I purchased counters from Home Depot was embarking on a multi-contractor relationship. Purchasing counters from a Home Depot store in Cincinnati meant they would ask Cardinal Kitchens in Louisville to cut the counters who would then ask Beyer Installations in Cincinnati to install them.

In short, Home Depot quoted counters from measurement to installation as taking 3-5 weeks. I called for measurement on June 22, 2015 and my counters were finally finished August 4, 2015, which was the fourth visit by the installers.

I knew Home Depot sponsored posts with bloggers so I know they pay attention in some capacity to the social space.

I shared on Facebook and Instagram as well as my personal Facebook page.

After tweeting, I was asked to send an email and then was put in touch with a Home Depot customer care expeditor, who worked on my behalf to get everyone on the same page.

In addition to not getting the counters installed the original date, none of the four times they came were they within the window of time they provided. I figured out how much paid time off I would need to request to complete this remodel, I did not anticipate using an extra 24 hours (3 days) to wait around only to not get the job done until the fourth visit.

The counters could have been completed July 24, but one of the three pieces was chipped.

#udandiKitchen counters from #HomeDepot

The second visit they shaved back the chipped piece so it didn’t meet in the corner correctly and the edges were rough. That’s not what I paid for. The installers admitted they wouldn’t install that in their family’s home.

The third visit the corner where two pieces meet looked like this and the installers thought that looked fine.

#udandiKitchen uneven counter from #HomeDepot

The installers said it was because the counters were not level.


My dad is a perfectionist and would not have installed cabinets that weren’t level. When the measurements were taken, we asked if any cabinets were not level and he told us no.

The installers insisted on affixing these counters and the sink anyway, even though I said I wouldn’t be signing off on it. They even went so far as to say my plumber could do his work, then when the counter came back, the plumbing and sink could be detached. There wasn’t much logic being employed in that scenario and it created more work for the next visit because they had to un-glue the counters and sink.

Back on the phone. Cardinal Kitchens decided that both pieces of the L would be re-cut and installed by their trouble-shooting installer who is sent to fix all the problem jobs.

Side Note: just like Home Depot has a customer care resolution expeditor, Cardinal Kitchens has a guy who goes around fixing problems and he had three the day I was scheduled. I suggested he ask his employer why there so many jobs are not being installed correctly the first time. But who am I?! Although he arrived late, I wasn’t his last job so unfortunately someone else was further disappointed.

If you look at Cardinal Kitchens website it says you can call to experience their excellent customer service. If you watch the video it says they have a two-week turnaround and meet or exceed their customer expectations. I did not experience any of those claims.

My 93-year-old grandmother, the one who said you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar, passed away before the counters were installed. I would have been letting her and myself down if I didn’t speak up for myself, offer constructive feedback so all three companies could improve this experience for another customer, and get the counter I anticipated when I made my purchase from Home Depot.

#udandiKitchen counters from #HomeDepot are an ordeal

In the interest of full disclosure, I have requested a refund through the Home Depot customer care contact. I don’t know if Home Depot will come through, but I certainly hope the experience I had is not what they want all customers to encounter.

Months from now, I’ll have forgotten what an ordeal this was. If you find yourself in my shoes, making a purchase from Home Depot that requires contractors, do yourself a favor and ask for the names of the companies you’ll encounter. Do your homework.

#udandiKitchen remodel

The next step is a tile back splash.

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