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#udandiKitchen Remodel – Cabinets and Appliances

I have shared some of the #udandiKitchen remodel progress on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

In my previous posts, I admitted my kitchen was a dump but then we demolished, it to make way for an all new kitchen!

I was hoping by now I would be able to share a completed before and after kitchen remodel, but because my counters are not installed after 6 weeks (was quoted 3-5 weeks) and I don’t know that Home Depot is going to make good on that purchase (a post for another day), I’m going to share what I can.

#udandikitchen before and after

Flooring – Bruce Hardwood Floors from Lowe’s
Cabinets – Woodbridge Westbrook in Honey from Menards
Appliances – Samsung oven, Whirlpool refrigerator and dishwasher from Lowe’s
Paint – Behr (Home Depot) Double Click
Tile backsplash – TBD
Countertops – Silestone quartz from Home Depot
Sink – Elkray (Home Depot)
Faucet – Moen

Once the new hardwood floor was in and I painted and then we ready to install the cabinets. But in the meantime, I let Maytag use one of my photos for their Instagram page. And I wish Mike Rowe could help me finish this kitchen!

Menards is open on Saturdays at 6am, they offer an 11% rebate, and their prices for my kitchen layout were more reasonable than the quotes I got from Home Depot, Lowe’s, and a local cabinet dealer. I did not get very far with IKEA because they require a certain amount of space between an oven and wall and only had a corner cabinet in one size, which did not fit my space.

Plan to spend 1-2 hours per place you visit to get a quote for cabinets. If you have kids, I would recommend not taking them for this task (some places let you make appointments others it was a show up and wait for an associate).

I could have had the handyman install the cabinets, but my dad learned from his uncle and dad and wanted to pass this on to me. Plus, the money I saved on labor will be spent on a tile backsplash. My cabinets were delivered to my garage on two pallets and I only had 11 cabinets.

I went with 42″ uppers because I wanted to maximize the storage space in this kitchen because there is no pantry so both food, dishes, and small appliances need to be stored in the kitchen, not the in basement as I did for the last six years.

#udandiKitchen Menards cabinets

As it turned out two cabinets purchased could not fit do to out of square walls (and my dad reminds me everyone is blessed with them, not just owners of older homes), but Menards returned them for store credit less a restocking fee.

My Cautionary Notes for Menards:
Skip the Menards 11% rebate and go for the 15% off sale assuming the cabinets you seek are included in that offer. The rebate is a postcard that is the flimsiness of paper so I suspect either my rebate was misplaced in the mail or because it is a check, someone took it, signed and saved big money at Mendards.

Mendards offers delivery to most neighborhoods with price and days varying based on your location. One of my deliveries had to be rescheduled from a Saturday to a Wednesday and they did not show up at the time they promised. If I’ve learned anything double the amount of paid time off from work you need to request because no one cares about your schedule.

When it came to appliances, I have a space under the stairs to accommodate my refrigerator but it limited me to one no taller than 66 inches. Luckily, I did not want a French door with an ice maker through the door. I wanted a top-bottom with a plain front. Once I found that, I picked out an oven and dishwasher.

#udandiKitchen appliances

Lowe’s delivered an oven with a dented drawer, but the delivery guys let me know a new one would be ordered. When Lowe’s called with the replacement, I opted to pick up the drawer and install it myself rather than making an appointment for them to deliver, because I’m working with limited time off due to the other vendors I chose.

I’ve shared a little of my disappointment on Instagram and Facebook, but this ordeal needs its own post. As you see from my list of supplies, I shop at Home Depot a decent amount but I will not in the future.

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