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Try It: Digital Scrapbooking

For the last couple of years, I’ve been seeing and hearing about digital scrapbooking and was interested and yet confused by how it all works out in the end. Were people printing 12×12 pages from their printers, do they have big, fancy printers or do they have a photo site print them and how much does that cost? Where are they getting all the scrapbook papers, embellishments and do-dads? How could this be any fun if you don’t drop a few eyelets on the carpet and then step on them when you least expect it?!

I am not sure where I stumbled onto the ShabbyPrincess but she offers freebies so I thought I would give it a try. The first couple of photos I tried to use did not coordinate with any of the kits I liked and I was not so intrigued that I wanted to purchase any so I forgot about this endeavor for a while. Then this past month, I re-visited the idea when I took some photos of my little buddy that were not overly busy with colors.

I am not a graphic designer, but I know my way around laying out brochures and annual reports. The digital scrapbooking papers I have seen (free or not) are not really my style and it would be even more time consuming to create my own papers. Plus, I have much scrapbooking paper that I like using along with glue and all that messiness, but I think I might try a few more digital pages. I am most pleased with this page because the subject makes for cute photos (I can only post an edited version here, sorry) so it does not really matter how I present them as long as the photos remain the focal point of the page!

Credit: Bliss kit, ShabbyPrincess (I do not see it on the download page) created in PaintShop Pro.

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  • Hummie April 23, 2007, 2:27 pm

    Great layout!

    I have a site with free information and tutorials to get you started…feel free to visit.


    Just making other addicts!

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