Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series 1

DVD Review: Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series - Sequence 1

DVD Review: Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series – Sequence 1

Well if I thought the queuing was bad in the Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout DVD, I don’t know how to describe it in this workout except it is a voice over, which you would think would mean she could watch this as a viewer and realize what it is lacking.

Again, you want to position yourself in a way that you can view the television or computer screen, because watch her is the only way to do this workout. Again, there is a dance-y ab workout that started an internal dialogue:
what am I doing? What is she doing? What is she wearing? Just keep gyrating around! I sure am glad I have those double-panel curtains closed so there’s no chance the neighbors can see my silhouette. I wonder if I’ll burn more calories doing this workout as opposed to her other workout? How many calories did I burn doing that Pussycat Dolls workout? I wish she had a clock countdown like Bob Harper’s workout so I know how much longer I’m doing this. I wish I could just do part of this workout instead of the whole thing.

I’m learning these workouts aren’t made for my style of working out. That’s not to say others don’t love them or Tracy Anderson. I really think if this DVD allowed me to do legs, arms, or abs separately or had a 30-minute full body workout with decent queuing, I would find it an investment. As it is, I’m happy the library carries these DVDs.

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