Thirty-One Lunch Totes

By the photos, you can tell I love my Thirty-one lunch totes (thermal tote). Yes, totes. I now have the red veggie bag from when I started this site, a solid black and a personalized dots design. I would have never thought I needed more than one bag, but now I pack two lunches at a time so I can be lazy some nights of the week!


I’ve had this bag the longest and it shows, the corners are blown out and duct tape is okay in a pinch. The good thing, it is bigger than the newer models so when packing certain bulky items this works best. The bad, it doesn’t have an outside pocket like the newer ones, which are good for keeping utensils or napkins.


Last fall, I was at a Halloween dog parade and met a Thirty-One vendor who had cash and carry so I picked up this black tote. It works well for the sophisticated lady who wants to carry a packed lunch to work. That wouldn’t be me because a) no one sees me or cares what I’m carrying to work b) a sophisticated lady probably doesn’t eat like a third-grader.

Thirty One Thermal Lunch Tote

Then in December my sister gave me a very appropriate personalized lunch tote my birthday. Again, no one sees or cares what I carry to work because only one coworker asked what it means.

Shop for a Thirty-One Lunch Tote

All this leads me to introducing you to my friend, Meagan, a Thirty-One Consultant who is offering readers interested in buying their own thermal tote (or three) an option to buy through her site.

*All orders placed through that link will be eligible for a PERSONALIZED THERMAL TOTE giveaway direct from Meagan.
*All orders must be placed by August 30th.
*For every $35, you spend you can buy any purse for 50%.

She has a Facebook group where she posts specials, so if you’re into deals, get in touch with her to be added.

Disclosure: although my site is listed as the hostess for this order, I’m not asking/getting anything in return. I just want those interested to have a way to order if they don’t know a consultant in their area and have a crack at getting a personalized tote.

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  1. Meagan
    August 7, 2013 at 11:32 pm

    How old is the red/veggie tote?! I’ve NEVER seen that print before!!

    1. Andi
      August 19, 2013 at 9:23 pm

      I think I bought it in 2008? It’s so old it is the kind without the outside pocket and it is actually about an inch wider on the bottom than the new ones.

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