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The Workout Clothes Basket

People tell me there’s is no way they could get up at 5am to workout while others ask me how I am able to get up that early. Like anything in life, it depends on how much you want it. I want my workouts and a social life. I need to workout, shower and make a 45-minute commute by 8am, so I have no choice but to rise early. I’m also okay with not being up past 10pm most evenings, will value sleep over television or movies any given day and will get up early on weekends to make it to the classes I like.

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I keep myself organized by putting all my workout clothes and towels in this Target basket on my dresser. An interior designer will not approve, but my house is not being entered into any home awards so this is not an issue. The night before weekday workouts, I lay out my workout clothes, shoes, heart rate monitor, towel and hair bands next to the bag packed with my work clothes and shoes. My purse is next to my work bag. My water bottle is in the fridge next to my packed lunch.

When my alarm goes off at 5am, I get out of bed. I know if I delay on spin days, I’ll miss getting a place in class so that’s motivation alone (I know you’re wondering how many people are up that early? 20+ who want to spin before going to work).

I snapped this photo as I was headed out the door at 5:15am. Yes, Hula Lady is happy to see morning, too!

The backs of my seats have these hooks for hanging trash bags, I think, those have worked well for hanging sweaty gym clothes to dry. I do not recommend putting sweaty clothes back into a bag and creating a nasty bacteria breeding ground. If you’re wearing tech clothing, moisture wicking, duo-dry clothing you’re already trapping moisture away from your body into the fabric so you want to make sure those fabrics are cleaned well because over time they will smell funky.

On weekends, I wear my workout clothes right into the shower, rinse them out, hang to dry, then take them to launder. Weekday clothes might need a soak in salt water before going into the washing machine and everything is washed on the hottest temperature safe for the fabric and everything line dries. You can add a little vinegar in place of liquid fabric softener to help with funky-smelling clothes or towels.

Possibly more than you wanted to know, but organization, planning ahead and time management make the most of my days.

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