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The Longest Yard Sale / 127 Sale

Living in Cincinnati I’m close enough to run down into Kentucky for the World’s Longest Yard Sale or 127 Sale, which runs on route 127 now through five states from Michigan to Alabama an is held the first week in August. Much of the information on the website relates to Tennessee, which is where the sale started years ago as a way to boost tourism in rural areas.

127 sale The Longest Yard Sale |

Pyrex | Butterprint

Unrelated, my friend and I started our day at 10am at City Flea in downtown Cincinnati and quickly cruised through this quickly because it is small and the few vintage items that interested us were overpriced (stuff marked $5 at City Flea, we knew we’d see later for $1).

While there is a lot of junk and clothing and not much in the way of furniture by Saturday (it’s starts on a Thursday), you can still find plenty of treats and treasures!


I spent $8.50 for the typewriter, Santa, blue Ball jar with lid and, Corelle plates for my mom. My friend spent $8.50 for the three jars of buttons (the bonus treasure is the prescription bottle from 1971 along with the guy’s name and address), a fondue set, three bowls, and a Pyrex bowl.

No matter where you go, these are my yard sale tips:

  • Carry small bills and change
  • Streamline your purse so that you only have the essentials
  • Pack a cooler with plenty of water and snacks – the schools and churches might sell food and drink, but it is nice to have your own stuff
  • Bring your own bags to carry your items around the sale
  • If you buy breakables bring packing paper and a box so you can transfer items from bag to box in your car
  • Dress for the weather and the hike – it’s August and you’ll be pulling off onto dirt or gravel roads
  • Carry a tape measure and know the measurement of key areas or pieces you are searching – no point spending money on a mirror or chair that won’t fit in your house
  • Do your homework before you head out by making a list of items you want, checking price guides, and know a collectibles from a reproduction
  • Don’t be afraid to offer a lower price for an item – I’ve never been turned down but if someone said no, I’m prepared to walk away. I like collecting stuff, but it is stuff and I’m not attached to it (but my personality is different than many).

There are big city yard sales throughout the country, keep your ears peeled for dates
Shipshewana Yard Sale (IN)
Hwy 36 Treasure Hunt (KS)
Hillsville Flea Market (VA)
100 Mile Yard Sale
100 Mile Yard Sale (PA)
301 Endless Yard Sale
400 Mile Sale (KY)

If you know of other sales, please leave a comment!

The rest of my photos are on Flickr so you can get an idea that you are truly parking on the side of the road and walking into people’s yards!

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  1. Cahir
    August 7, 2011 at 7:54 am

    Hell yes, i want pinfold something like this on the other hand didnt have time, may i repost this The Longest Yard Sale / 127 Sale

  2. CricketK1951(flickr)
    August 7, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Cool pics. Hope you had a blast as I did. I’m from your area, however, we now live in Ga. So we can catch the Tn. Ga. Ala. parts nearby enough to come home every afternoon from shopping. Gheesh, it’s been hot and pop up storms and all down here.

  3. Andi
    August 7, 2011 at 11:23 am

    Thanks CricketK1951, I found your photos on Flickr. I wish I would have taken more but I get so caught up in looking.

    It’s been hot up here, our meteorologists were gleefully reporting tying a old record for 17 days of 90+ temps

  4. Cindy
    August 1, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    Great tips! Not sure if I’ll get a chance to partake this weekend, but this is a good garage sale-ing article in general

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