The Christmas Sweater

Mom's Christmas Sweater - Day 15

Mom’s Christmas Sweater – Day 15,
originally uploaded by udandi.

This is my third year wearing my mom’s hand-me-down Christmas sweater. It was one of my favorites she wore when I was child for the same same reasons I find it so, um, eye-catching today.

My coworker said it is best taken in from a distance. True. You have to keep in mind this sweater was manufactured in the early 1980s when computer graphics were a little rough so the imagery is not exact. Click on the photo to go to Flickr to learn about the 3-D of this sweater.

Monday, I wore this to work and received sincere compliments on its loveliness and asked if it was handmade (it isn’t). Then, I wore it to the Cincinnati Women Bloggers Holiday Social in Northern Kentucky. Last year, I wore it to a bar in Cincinnati for my birthday party so it’s been enjoyed on both sides of the river. Now it’s probably time to take it on tour!

I am Facebook friends with the cast of the Bob & Sheri radio show and told them about my sweater because Sheri makes fun of ladies in Christmas sweaters. Of course, the next person to leave a message on her wall said something about her cousin being the creator of Family Guy whose inspiration for the martini-drinking dog was his red wine drinking husky. There’s always someone inching in on my spot light 😉

I added my photos to the Christmas Sweater Round-Up group and Best Photo In A Christmas Sweater at Flickr, which has some great photos of terrific sweaters!

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  1. Shannanb aka mommy bits
    December 17, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    I loved this sweater!! If you go to my blog right now it’s up in my TwitPic Feed widget.

    I had total sweater envy. Don’t ever let that sweater go!

    Shannanb aka mommy bits’s last blog post..The Perfect Recipe for a Cold Day

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