Thanks: A Dork & His Pork and Glitter & Glue


The fun thing about writing a blog that’s crafts, recipes, Cincinnati, libraries and anything in between is that you meet a variety of people. At first, reading his twitter name (@adorkandhispork), I thought he was A Dork and his Spork and then I saw his name on someone’s blog and realized who would use sporks? oh wait, me…

Jeff is a cool guy, who invites people into his home for fried chicken dinners and geez louise is that chicken wonderful! He was doodled in the January 2011 issue of Cincinnati Magazine and he says sincerely nice things when you least expect it. His perspective on Lunch It Punch It is great and I hope you’ll take a look.

I’ve mentioned it before, I’ve been blogging for five years. It wasn’t until three years ago that I meet any bloggers that lived in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky. I never expected or wanted udandi to be anything other than my place to share craft projects with anyone who stopped by. The reception Lunch It Punch It is getting in its first two weeks feels very strange, yet, delightful to be embraced by bloggers turned friends and new, but like-minded strangers, like Glitter and Glue who makes and sells adorable lunch kits.

I hope I can continue to ride this wave of good fortune and keep meeting people through blogs and social media!

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