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Textbooks = SOLD

I listed four textbooks on Amazon Marketplace and within a few hours 2 sold! I’m excited because I listed six books on my school’s listserv and only sold one, gave one away (it was a pay-it-forward freebie I got from another student with the instruction to pass it on free to another classmate) so even though I had to pay fees, two sold quickly and it is less STUFF in my possession! I hope there is another program who will be using the two books still listed and will buy them.

I would have used half.com since I have an ebay account, but in order to verify my account I had to verify checking account information, which was not an account I have or had. I have never used half.com so I emailed their customer service last week to ask for another way to verify their account but still have not heard from them.

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  • Emmy January 20, 2007, 3:47 pm

    WTG on selling two of your textbooks 🙂 That’s awesome they sold so quickly too!!!

    Thanks for the compliments on my embroidered napkins. I feel the same way you do about using paper napkins.

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