Target Clipless Coupons!

Target stamping blocks
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Guess who loves me again? TARGET! Last time I got their coupons was 2006 and the flip book of savings (which my niece still loves to play with) but the other week I got the clipless coupon so I bet I’m on an every other year rotation or at least what I am telling myself. I had the Target Team Member scan it before he rang up my items so I could watch the discounted price ring up – it’s just my little thing. I picked up laundry supplies for my parents since they let me use their facilities ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, I wanted to check out the $15 Merona cargo jean skirt to see if it would be a worthy addition to my summer skirts collection. The goal for the last couple of years is a jean skirt with front AND back pockets (even if they’re small), not a skort, not a mini and without a frayed hem – pretty much something that looked like jeans, but a skirt with a decent length and hemmed edge. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard, but the last time I found it, was over five years ago at Old Navy and I wear that skirt non-stop in the summer (just ask my family and friends)! They only had the denim and print skirts at my store, but online they have an orange-ish, khaki and olive.

Also, I got some clear stamping blocks from the Dollar Spot (PharmaSis if you need one let me know since I bought the three I could find).

I try to remember to post photos of my Target finds in my Target set on Flickr, but I forgot to post the $4.24 work cardigans and tops I recently got. I kid my coworkers saying, “This entire ensemble could be yours, if you shop the price is right at Target!” because often I am wearing head to shoe Target finds.

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