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Tapfit Fitness Class Finder App

A cool thing happening in Cincinnati is the startup community. Brandery is an accelerator that gives startups the resources to take their idea from a paper napkin to a real, live product. At this year’s community demo day, I learned about Tapfit and was excited!

Tapfit Work less, workout more

I broke my habit of trolling Groupon and Living Social for fitness studio deal after stumbling upon one too many duds.

Tapfit is an app that aggregates the next available fitness classes in a user’s area. You can view the studio’s schedule showing classes for a few days out and then buy a class.

To test the app, I picked a yoga/cycling studio near my house that I’ve never been. I booked the class through the app, showed up, said I was new and filled out the waiver and then talked to the instructor about how I booked it through Tapfit. Easy!


This is a great app for the people who have ditched their yearly gym membership and have become what I call fit class crashers – those who like to try a bunch of different studios and workouts. I really like being able to see what studios are in my area because most are small businesses and marketing isn’t their specialty.

This is not the app for the people who like to buy a workout package deal and then sit on it complaining about the money they spent. Once you buy, you’re financially committed.

I was excited to see Clear Wellness as one of the studios included in the screencap on their website since I help Annie, the owner, with her social media 😉

I’m not getting paid to write this post or suggest you download and try the app. But if you do, you might be surprised to see deals offered through the app giving you discounted classes!

Keep in mind it is new and there might be some kinks, but the team is very response through Twitter and email.

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