Take the Dine ‘n Dish Challenge

Around the Plate and Words to Sweat By have created the Dine ‘n Dish challenge to challenge you to think outside the box with meal planning techniques and help you find ways to boost the nutritional content of your regular meals in the most time-efficient way.

Other than running 10 days straight, which might take some dedication, this challenge might be easier than you think. It does not include leftovers but rather prepping foods for one meal that might be used for another, an example cited in the rules:

You must prep ingredients for 10 different meals for 10 consecutive days. This can be any meal throughout the day. For example, did you cut up red bell pepper for a salad with dinner? Chop up enough to include in an omelet the following day (then actually cook the omelet and eat or serve it) and voilà you’ve completed one day of the challenge.

The Challenge runs from October 1 to 21st and if you’re interested in signing up, go to Words to Sweat By. You can read about the grand prize and download a punch card, created by me on behalf of Lunch It Punch It!

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