Spicy Chicken Tortilla Roll-ups

I would like to try more new recipes, but the problem is I cannot judge a recipe size. Sure, this one says use this or that and 6-8 tortillas made into pinwheels should have been a clue I’d have more than enough for 6 adults, but no.

These spicy chicken tortilla roll-ups from Homemade by Holman were good, but I didn’t need that many. I ended up recovering by making enchiladas out of the extra ingredients. They were good, but I like my enchilada recipe better (I’ll make it and post it in the future).

Even if I’m serving a group, I do better with new recipes that say serves 4. Or at least remember to use a recipe converter and resize it.

Tried any new recipes? Ones you love, ones to avoid?

Photo credit: Homemade by Holman

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