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Snow Day! Part II

This snow has been anticipated for the last couple of days, at least by teacher friends who are hoping for a Wednesday snow day and with this lasting through 1am, I am going to guess they will get it!

It started falling today around 12:30pm EST and these photos were taken a little after 3pm from inside through the window and screen (as in the case above) when I got back from my attempt at going to work.

Having heard the snow plows for the last couple of hours, I did not think the roads would be as covered, but it is coming down quickly! I needed to fuel up but when I got to the corner gas station, it was without power – I’m guessing from an accident. In my particular neighborhood, the electricity goes out frequently during rainy weather from cars striking the electric poles.

With only a quarter tank of gas, I decided to go home and call work. In the meantime, I crept back down the road, nearly missed my turn and almost ended up in a yard. Oh yeah, work called and said they were closing at 5pm, which I now see was probably a late call due to the city just declaring “operation snow in effect” (I don’t mean to be snarky, but it is obvious snow is in effect so I am not sure what that declaration really means).

Despite having the car warmed up and the defroster on, the snow was freezing to my window upon contact and my dad informed me as the temperatures dropped the roads would become slicker and every car a wrecking ball. Doesn’t he have a way with words?!

This photo is from inside as well. I would like to capture a photo of this cardinal who is brilliant red and would stand out nicely in the snow, but I imagine he is nestled at home staying warm!

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  • punkinpieproductions February 14, 2007, 9:53 am

    brr, I’m right there with you. We are snowed in and so here I am..
    stay warm and toasty.
    and comfy cozy

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