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Snack Ideas by Jillian Michaels

Each Monday I look forward to a new Jillian Michaels’ podcast. It’s not all about fitness and training, she talks about nutrition, too. In her April 1, 2013 podcast she ran down her list of snacks, although she mentioned she eats the same couple of options.

This site celebrates lunch packing, Jillian is big on eating organic so I didn’t list too many specifics and expect readers will make adjustments so her suggestions fit their eating lifestyle.

Bunch of bananas

Jillian Michaels’ Snack Ideas

Any fruit
Freeze-dry fruit – if you want an option you can keep in your desk drawer
Vegetables with hummus, salsa, dip
Hard boil eggs – when her producer said no one in your office will like you, she said to devil them
Raw/dry-roasted flavored nuts – she likes chili almonds from her farmers’ market, but I’m sure you can find recipes online
Pop chips – I think she’s an investor in this brand
Cheese and whole grain crackers
Jerky – look for MSG-free, organic
Lunch meat

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