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Small Snack Pack Containers

As I was walking through my local produce market, wine & beer shop, I noticed with the regular hummus there is now single-serve hummus packaged with pretzels.

hummus snack cup LunchItPunchIt.com

When I was a kid, I wanted those handi-snacks of cracks and cheese and my mom always said no. Now that I’m an adult and do my own shopping, I make my own version of it with pretzel crisps and laughing cow cheese. I also do carrots or hummus. If you want to make your own hummus, I have a recipe.

carrotstiny LunchItPunchIt.com

pretzels and cheese | LunchItPunchIT.com

You could buy the Sabra single-serve snack cup (I don’t remember the price) or you could make your own with two containers from Rubbermaid or LunchBlox (affiliate link below) both of which I have added to my lunch packing collection.

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  • WendP August 11, 2013, 12:07 pm

    Dear god, the waste from single-serve packaging! Get a big box of crackers, make yourself a batch of hummus, and portion it out. Ahead of time, if you need. But… wow.

    • Andi August 19, 2013, 9:25 pm

      I’m with you, I do just fine making my own version. I found this scoop/spoon/knife thing at Target that works for portion control of hummus aka making it last as long as I hope!