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Salad in a Jar

image from Salad in a JarI’ve always wanted to like salads, but I find as a meal I’ll load them up with croutons and dressing and then they are not as healthy as intended.

But this photo and blog post from Salad in a Jar might have me reconsidering. Like me she makes her salads ahead of time using mason jars and a vacuum (I don’t have one) to create salads in a jar – just as the post and website are called!

She explains why a jar works better than a bag for sealing the salad, but even without I’m thinking I could mix up 2  salads and have a pre-proportioned salad ready to go every couple of days without worry too much about wilting lettuce.

Visit her blog and read all about her method for preparing a salad in a jar as well as this link to her  toppings and dressing.

Photo credit: Salad in a Jar

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