Ripped Pants @ Work = Not Cool!

At the main desk, we have thigh-level swinging saloon-like doors on each side (because clearly this creates a strict barrier to anyone who is even considering helping themselves to behind the desk). Being a helpful librarian, I like to leave my perch and help patrons, but this time as I was pushing the little door to go back behind the desk the latch caught on my twill pants and zzzzzzzzzzzipppppp! I now have a L-shaped rip in my pants, just below the left front pocket that is about 8 inches in length 6 in width.

Luckily, the person I was helping did not hear and no one else within earshot except maybe the people who heard me in my office laughing to my friend when I called to tell her what happened (she asked me to send her a photo of my rip so I obliged)! She could even tell I was laughing so hard, I was crying.

Unfortunately, it is after 4pm, which means I am the only one working so I cannot leave. I do not have any safety pins (note to self: bring some in), tape will not hold and even if I had a sewing kit I wouldn’t be able to leave the desk unattended long enough to repair my pants. If I try to sit down you can totally see the rip, so I guess I’ll be standing behind the desk for the remainder of my shift with my cardigan tied around my waist.

Scratch that last part, I just had to leave the desk to un-jam the printer for a guy who now has toner on the cuff of his dress shirt. He seems way more annoyed than I am and a good portion of my leg is exposed behind my sweater -ha!

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  1. Emmy
    June 30, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    Had to chuckle at what happened but at the same time I’m sorry to hear about your pant snafu at work. Good thing you had a cardigan to cover the rip up.

  2. Frugal Babe
    July 12, 2007 at 11:37 pm

    I once wore a pencil skirt to work, when I worked at a car rental company. I had to get into a big truck to move it, and as I stepped up to get in, the modest slit in my skirt ripped all the way up to within inches of my butt. Sweet. A coworker and I went in the bathroom and she pinned me back together, but we were laughing so hard we could barely stand up. I had to go on my lunch break to the mall and buy a skirt in a hurry. One of the very few new pieces of clothing I’ve bought, but it had to be done.

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