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Review: ScoreBig

Thanks to social media we can tell everyone as much or as little about our social outings and also thanks to social media we can sit at home wondering how do these people afford to seemingly go to every concert, sporting event and attraction in town?

Like most people, if I don’t have to pay full for something, I won’t.

Enter ScoreBig. As a listener of the Adam Carolla podcast, I was aware of the name but filed it away as site to buy sports tickets, which isn’t up my alley most nights. But when ScoreBig contacted me and asked me if I wanted to go to a concert on them in exchange for sharing a review of the service? I paid attention!

scorebig |udandi.com

With ScoreBig you’re guaranteed to save on each and every ticket – sports, concerts, family shows and attractions. What’s more there are no fees and delivery is free. You tell ScoreBig what you’re willing to pay and you get an instant answer and that’s the price! No additional service or users fees are tacked on.

I hopped on the site and scanned through events in Cincinnati and then looked at Indianapolis. I found a concert, entered the amount I wanted to pay for tickets (ScoreBig does not tell you how much to pay – you decide!) and proceeded to the checkout screen. Seeing that my price was accepted, I got an email letting me know to expect my tickets by FedEx. I was only a little worried because I bought the tickets on a Monday evening and the Lady Antebellum concert in Indianapolis was on Thursday. But I had the tickets Tuesday night and got to spend a rare night with just my sister!

I’ve got say, all the people who told me Lady Antebellum puts on a solid show aren’t lying. They do about 90 minutes of singing and playing instruments (Dave Haywood changes instruments for just about each song!) with their band and a big screen behind them, no frills and they don’t need any! If you like music and Lady Antebellum is coming to your city, check out ScoreBig for tickets. I also attended Motley Crue’s Final Tour this summer, but I didn’t know I could have gotten my tickets for them through ScoreBig.

Disclosure: ScoreBig comped my concert tickets but the opinions expressed are all mine.

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