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Review: Pussycat Dolls Workout

Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me

Don’t cha wish those lyrics weren’t stuck in your head?!

I was looking through my library’s collection of workout DVDs, I noticed these two had not checked out at all. Thinking they might be missing, I put holds on them so staff could look for them. When they ended up on my desk, I decided to check them out since they were 50+ minutes long. Each DVD consists of 3 routines and then 3 performances to the songs. So if you have both DVDs you can learn 6 dances total, which is why these would be better labeled dance instruction.


It’s hard to call either DVD a workout, unless they’re targeted for men. I barely burned 200 calories (in 50-odd minutes) doing the first DVD. Maybe I wasn’t singing enough as instructed by Nicole. I passed the DVDs on to a coworker and am waiting to hear what she thinks.

If you want to read a hilarious 2-star review, check out this one on Amazon. She paid $8 and now they’re $4.99.

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