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Review: Litter Free Lunch

litter free lunch sandwich bag and napkingIt’s with sad news that I read Litter Free Lunch is closing its virtual doors on May 31st. They sent us a reusable sandwich bag and two napkins and I was going to post this on Memorial Day, but I’m doing it now, in case someone wants to make a last minute order.

In an effort to get a range of opinions about these products, I asked my mom, a fellow daily packer, if she would like to review the bag and one of the napkins. She was excited about the sandwich bag, but like me apprehensive about the napkin. What is it about cloth napkins that makes us hesitant to commit?

udandi Mom’s review

I love my Litter Free Lunch sandwich bag! The first time I used it was for carrying an egg roll. I was concern that the scent from the egg roll would cling to the interior and the next item I put in there would taste like egg roll, but there was no such problem. This is a key when you come home from work, prepare dinner and are thinking about what to pack for the next day’s lunch, but don’t have another reusable bag. When I come home from work I turn the bag inside out and shake the crumbs out. Viola! It’s good to go for the next day. At the end of the week I put
it in the wash machine and dryer. The bag retains it shape and colors of the flower design have stayed vibrant! Andi says that some of the other reusable bags can be put in the dishwasher but since there’s no spin cycle you’ll have to hang dry them in the kitchen, I haven’t tried that, yet, but it would be a way to wash these more frequently although it might not dry in time for my packing schedule.

Size-wise, it big enough to carry a pretzel dough sandwich – favorite in our family – and with the hook and loop closure you can make the bag small enough to carry crackers all the while keeping the items fresh. I like this bag for all the above features, but also because it is a cost saver in not having to buy plastic bags, which are a one and done deal.

Getting through winter is one thing and then having a spring full of a rain was less than ideal, so I enjoyed opening my lunch to my colorful flower sandwich bag!

As for the napkin, I started using it but only take it about once a week. When I pull it out of my lunch along with my reusable sandwich bag my coworkers say look at you with all your earth-friendly lunch items. I think I could be a good influence on them! The napkin is a nice quality fabric and has this slick feeling to it that makes it feel nice. It is hard to explain.

These days I only pack my own lunch, but as a mom of three I appreciate that Litter Free Lunch sews a label into each product so you can write who it belongs to. Not just so it doesn’t get lost in the lunchroom, but so siblings don’t argue over who gets the flowers and who gets the dots. Thank you Litter Free Lunch for the opportunity to review your products!


Andi’s napkin review

Like my mom, I couldn’t get on the cloth napkin in my packed lunch bandwagon. I use cloth napkins at home (if I have guests they can opt for paper), but I hadn’t converted my lunch. The reason? When I done with lunch, I wrap my dirty utensil in my paper napkin and for some reason I wasn’t wild about doing it with a cloth napkin. I will, but that means I’m only using one cloth napkin once before tossing it in the dirty wash bin. At home, I have leave my cloth napkin on a hook and use for the next dinner.

I like the Litter Free Lunch napkin, it is a pretty green color and the pair came wrapped in a neat package. It is a nice quality material that doesn’t have or retain an odor (like those printed paper napkins that celebrate a holiday, the ink stinks!).

It should be my goal to have five napkins so I have one for each day of the week, but for now I’m doing my part to reduce paper napkin use at least one lunch per week.

Visit Litter Free Lunch before May 31, 2011 follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

This review post was possible due to complimentary products provided by the company.

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