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Review: La Terra Fina snack dips

La Terra Fina asked if they could send me their dips to try. Smart move since this is the football and season and I love it not for the game, but because I don’t mind indulging in a good snack dip while tailgating with friends.

La Terra Fina Snack Dip |

If you look closely at some of the lunch photos I post, you’ll notice I’m in my car. I eat lunch, weather permitting, in my car to give my eyes a break from the indoor lights. Eating these dips at lunch made me want to open the back hatch and tailgate in the work parking lot, because that wouldn’t odd at all.

I was treated to the chunky spinach artichoke and parmesan dip and the chunky artichoke and jalapeno dip along with some carrots and kettle potato chips (a personal favorite). Both dips are made with real cream cheese, as said on the packaging, and personally I think that’s what makes a dip smooth, creamy and delicious! La Terra Fina dips are made with all natural ingredients and are gluten-free and contain no nuts or trans-fats.

Using small containers, I was able to create my own packed lunch snacks. Also, since I love sandwiches and wraps, I used it as a spread instead of traditional condiments, this worked especially well with the artichoke and jalapeno dip.

Keep an eye out at your grocery for these dips, grab one or two for your packed lunches and maybe enjoy a little work lunch break tailgating.

La Terra Fina sent me product to sample for my review and all opinions are my own

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