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Review: Eco-Napkins

In wanting to ditch paper napkins, I was sent an Eco-Napkin by Stacy to use in my packed lunches. This was a welcome addition to my meager cloth napkin collection because I’m not fond of having to do special loads of laundry just to be eco-friendly in respect but not in another.

Stacy sent me this adorable blender design napkin, which came in a cute little brown bag. But check out her website because she had loads of designs so you can put together a week’s worth of napkins for your packed lunch. They are nice square sized-napkins, which make them not large for your lunch tote, but not too small that you feel like there’s not enough real estate for a messier lunch. So far mine has washed up well. I don’t worry about ironing them because I dine alone, but honestly I wouldn’t be trying to impress my lunchmates with an ironed cloth napkin.

Check out Eco-Napkins online store and the Facebook fan page and start packing your lunch with reusable napkins!

This review post was possible due to complimentary products provided by the company.

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  • trashmaster46 June 21, 2011, 6:42 pm

    I was thinking about just going through my and my husband’s collection of cotton shirts with rips in them, and cutting out big squares & hemming the edges. I still don’t have my sewing machine set up after the move (argh), but it’s on my list of projects. Though I do love that blender pattern.

  • Andi June 21, 2011, 7:20 pm

    good idea for giving a second chance to old fabric. Even when I shop for fabric for sewing, I never find stuff as fun as what others find!