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Random: Fave Songs

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess posted about hellogoodbye, which was a song we missed at trivia the other night even though I have heard Here in Your Arms, so after replying I thought I would post some fave songs from the artists I like.

I put links to their MySpace pages because you can stream whole songs, but you can find the song clips at iTunes, some videos on YouTube and samples from blogs through the Hype Machine.

  • You are What You Love – Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins (I like the whole album)
  • Punk Rocker – Teddybears (another whole album I like)
  • Austraila – The Shins (always good albums)
  • Fidelity – Regina Spektor
  • Young Folks – Peter Bjorn & John
  • Kaboom – Ursula 1000 (I find it really annoying and rude when someone leaves a comment with an auto-load music clip on another’s MySpace page, like “Laura” did on Jan 18 to this page. Scroll down and stop her player.)
  • The Prayer – Bloc Party (I still love hearing Banquet on my workout mix)
  • Smile – Lily Allen
  • I Don’t Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters
  • The Sweetest Escape – Gwen Stefani (the whooo-hoo-wheee-hoos get stuck in my head)

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