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Random Bits & Bobs

I have not had much to blog about lately because I am not spending money and the projects I am working on are gifts so I do not want to spoil the surprise by posting photos. Instead, I will share some random things/thoughts from the last week…

1) I was so excited when my mom said gas was under $2 per gallon. Then, I looked at CincyGasPrices and saw there are some stations with gas for $1.92/gallon.

2) It’s time to shop around for car insurance and see if I am getting the best deal. The last two times, Geico did not save me money on my insurance.

3) I still do not like the new Target weekly online ad. The only tempting item since Christmastime, has season 2 of The Office for $25. If you are interested, the Global Bazaar is back and I figure in 4 or 5 weeks that stuff should be clearanced to make room for Spring home & garden stuff. If it is anything like last year, what is left will be snapped up in hours.

4) My parents had a gift card for Media Play, which is out of business, but redeemable at Suncoast Video. I am glad I went when I did, because it was an “all sales final” purchase of The Office season 1 DVD since that store location is closing next week. I’m guessing the whole chain is not closing because nothing was priced to move off the shelves.

5) Speaking of TV series on DVD, I have watched Nip / Tuck season 1 and half of season 2. Although the library does not have The Office, I am thankful I am able to catch up on a series that my friends have been watching from the beginning and cannot believe I have not been.

6) Finally, in talking with coworkers about the latest PostSecret book and what a novel idea of taking submitted work and turning it into a book, I asked my coworker if she has been approached (or has she shopped) for a book deal about her Academy Award doll dresses.

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