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If you’re looking for Queen music on Peloton the indoor cycling bike and app, I’ve got a list of rides you need to try! The beauty of Peloton is being able to search through hundreds of rides and find an instructor or music genre that sings to your soul (and sole).

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To note, three of these rides were released prior to the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, coming out but I’m hoping after Rami Malek sweeps about the Best Actor awards, maybe Peloton will celebrate with another Queen ride!

The Rides

Christine D’Ercole (@iamicaniwillido) 45min 6/20/2015
Steven Little (@stevenlittlenyc) 30min 2/12/2016
Jenn Sherman (@pelotonjenn) 45min 5/4/2017
Denis Morton (@denis__morton) 30min 11/2/2018

If there are more Queen rides on Peloton, let me know because I’ve taken these a couple of times!

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