PSA: Public Service Announcements

1. Your inability to articulate your information needs despite my reference interview does not constitute guffawing at me.

Customer: I need you to get my WD-40
Librarian: Do you need a blank 1040 form from the IRS? I can set you up on a computer to print one off.
Customer: My friend did my taxes on TurboTax, I just need you to log in and get my WD-40.
Librarian: If your friend filed your taxes through TurboTax, I would not have your login information. But you can login using our computers to print off copies of your 1040.
Customer: No, I need you to log into my stuff and get my WD-40, can’t you log into the IRS and get it? I’m gonna work for the Y and my employer needs it.
Librarian: The IRS web site does not have a system for you to log into and see your tax forms that is why when you file it is suggest you keep copies for you own records so in cases like this you have them available. Additionally, check with your employer to find out what they are requesting. Most new jobs I have had only need a social security card and driver’s license.
Customer: UGH! so you can’t login and get my WD-40 for me?

The thing about this 30-something lady who has probably had to file taxes at least once before and should know it is a 1040, not a WD-10, was that if she would have PAID ATTENTION to her new employer and what I was saying as much as she did her cell phone, she probably would have satisfied.

2. If your cell phone or text message is that important, please take it, away from me. Realize you are being rude when you continue talking on your phone while motioning at me trying to indicate what you want me to do. If you wonder why move on to another customer or walk away, it is because I am questioning where your manners have gone and giving you a chance for a do-over. Take it and be thankful I am not the staffer who gives you death stares 🙂

3. Your failure to plan does not constitute my emergency. It is not that I can’t help, but you have to be flexible and work with me because seriously the paper was due yesterday, so you started the research today and you somehow think it is the librarian’s problem when some other customer had the nerve to check out the same blasted book you might want to use?!

4. Come to the library prepared! Bring your reusable grocery sacks to not only carry your books out of the library, but while you walk around the library. Also, if you do not not want to get $9 in coins back from the soda machine, bring smaller bills or change.

I love public service, but there are times when I just say are ya kidding me?!

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