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Product Testing and Sharing

Years ago, I used to sign up for these product studies at a facility near my house. Despite not showering, going to the gym and sweating, I never qualified for the skin bacteria studies, but I did get into the mouth odor studies numerous times.

I enjoyed doing these because they paid $200 or more and only required time on Monday morning, stops throughout the week and wrap up on Friday.

I’ve taken paid product surveys online and most recently have been getting products from Influenster in exchange for me taking surveys and sharing about them socially. There is no monetary payout.

I’ve tried to grow longer, softer lashes with Fysiko Eyelash Serum. I failed to take weekly photos, but they did grow and then when you stop using the product it appears they stop growing.

Influenster by udandi.com

I’ve used positively radiant cream in the evenings, not sure if I look more radiant and no one has commented that I do so…

Influenster by udandi.com

I’m cleaning my dishes with the pink soap and shared the other.

Influenster by udandi.com

I also got the Spring VoxBox so if you’re thinking you would be better at Influenster product sharing and survey taking, let me know at udandi @ gmail.com because I have invites to share for .

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