Produce Market Buys

You know what I love about my friends? Their curiosity often exceeds mine and I thought I was nosey curious! Lately, the question has been what DO you buy when you go to the produce market?

My produce market of choice sells some groceries, beer, wine, deli meats and cheeses so it isn’t all fruits and vegetables.

What do you buy at the farmers’ market or produce department?

produce by LunchItPunchIt.com

For less than $30, I came home with everything in that photo, which includes sliced chicken and cheese from the deli to for sandwiches. I clean and portion most of the foods so they’re ready for lunches or can be quickly used for dinner.

My breakfast is a banana. I eat an apple with every lunch. The pretzel crisps or carrots and Laughing Cow cheese wedges make snack packs. The blackberries, strawberries and grapes make a fruit salad for my sweet tooth.

The some of the green leaf lettuce, avocado and half of the tomato are for sandwiches with the chicken and cheese. I’ll make a taco salad from seasoned chicken breasts, black beans and corn (on hand) with the onion and the other half of the tomato.

I’m very repetitive with my meals because it is easier for me to prep food on Sunday and know what I’m eating for the week along with not wasting produce that is put in the fridge, but not touched. My way of shopping and eating doesn’t work for everyone, but hopefully sharing this photo satisfies my curious friends!

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