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Pre-Order: Fed Up With Lunch

If you were a reader of this blog back in February, you’ll remember I posted about the blog Fed Up With Lunch. Mrs Q, a teacher, challenged herself to eat the same cafeteria food being served to students every school day. Then, she was offered a book deal, which is being published by Chronicle Books one of my favorite publishers because I like the areas the publish (food, crafts, kids stuff – I have nieces and nephews).

I’ve written numerous times that I’m a fan of lunchbox notes and if you struggle to be clever to fill a note, this book of riddles and giggles might be for you!

If you prefer to buy instead of download lunch notes, Chronicle Books has you covered with mini-notes and stickers.

If you haven’t found enough lunch box ideas on this site or elsewhere, you can buy a recipe box of ideas.

If you’re looking for a cookbook, D.I.Y. Delicious has 75 recipes and 50 step-by-step color photographs leading the way to outfitting a scratch pantry that uses fewer ingredients to make delicious staples at a much lower cost.

Chronicle Books Friends & Family Sale. 35% off + FREE SHIPPING. Use promo code FRIENDS. Ends 9/30/11.

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