photo snow globe – FAIL!

photo snow globe

Originally uploaded by udandi

Every one loves a good craft failure story…

I made a snow globe before so I thought for sure I could handle making a photo snow globe, but I made one wrong move: I did not laminate my photos well. They look great in this photo, but it was because I took it after assembling the snow globe. A week later and the photos turned into an inky, swirled mess. Apparently the lamination lifted, the water seeped in and damaged the photos. The bad thing is that I glued the lid on so I cannot salvage this awesome pickle jar.

Do you realize how long it takes my parents to eat that many pickles?! haha! I have an empty salsa jar and might try with a self-sealing laminate pouch instead of my Xyron laminator. The bummer is that I have to find another project to do for my turn of Craft Menagerie, a new monthly series at our library!

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