Phone, Coin, Pool Pass Pouch

pouchThree years ago I made a fused plastic bag coin purse which worked pretty well for pool visits, but I want a bigger phone. I wanted to make a sleeve for my phone, money/chapstick and pass holder.

Using the measurements of my ipod touch because if I upgrade my blackberry I’m getting an iphone, I drew a pattern and cut four pieces of fabric. I cut four pieces 5.75″ x 3.5″ two would be the inside and had a piece of fusible fleece attached to one for stability. Then, two sizes were 5.75″ x 3.25″ and they would serve as pockets on each side (one for the phone, one for the money). A piece of vinyl was sewn to the outside money pocket to hold my pass.

I would have liked to include a piece of elastic through the pocket pieces, but I injured my back and my brain and back were on a short fuse. Likewise, I was happy with my crappy sewing at least until I can try something else.

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