Peppermint Shake & Saving Money

Yes, it is not even Thanksgiving and I’m having a peppermint shake at home, in my hulu girl glasses. Why? because I saw that Chick-fil-A had a peppermint chocolate shake and despite the beautiful photo limited time only notice I did not panic and order one. I saw the $2.95 price tag and thought to myself a half gallon* of ice cream is cheaper this week at the grocery. Since I had a grocery run to make, I put peppermint stick ice cream on my list and treated myself to a little frosty holiday goodness! I LOVE ice cream, but it is a rare shopping trip that I buy it because it is expensive and not topping the health foods list, but every now and again I like to splurge within reason! Plus, the minute I taste this, I’m reminded of Christmases of my younger days eating this with my siblings!

It’s easy to see how we talk ourselves into spending more money. Oh, the shake is only $3, which is less than the $5.50 combo meal, which is less than my $500/month student loan payment, which is less then my $1000 credit card payment so what the hey?!

cup or so of milk + peppermint ice cream = milkshake!

*actually 1.5 to 1.75 quart, but I still call it half gallon.

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