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Parcours Trail Workouts for Fitness

Parcours Trail Workouts for Fitness

Parcours trails (or parcourse) are running or walking courses with obstacles aimed at making you move quickly using only your body and surroundings. It can include running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement (on all fours). It is a fun, creative, playful, non-competitive way to workout in an outdoor setting hitting your major muscle groups.

Does your local park have a parcours trail?

Have you seen signs and been curious? GO! Run, jump and play through your next workout!

Parcours Trail Workouts for Fitness

One July, Cincinnati experienced unseasonably great weather with temperatures in the 70s with minimal humidity. Since I work at a desk in a cubicle, closed off from a view of the outdoors, I like prefer to be outside after work when possible. Living in Cincinnati affords me access to great parks throughout the area and Great Parks of Hamilton County host five parcours trails.

While I’m not much for running races, I do like the challenge of running on the trails through the woods and stopping to complete obstacles.

Parcours Trail Workouts for Fitness

The parcours I visited has numbered stations throughout the trail and the stations in the middle and end being a little more challenging than those at the beginning, which are intended to serve as a warm up (jumping jacks and stretching).

You can expect to find stations that are similar to arm walks, pull ups, incline sit ups, jumping logs, balance beam, push up logs, and more.

Woodland Mound Parcours Trail Workouts for Fitness

If your city or park has a parcours and you’ve been curious, I encourage you to go! Grab a friend if you need support and encouragement. With the number of competitive obstacle runs, I imagine parcours would become a popular additions to parks.

If you live in Cincinnati, give the Great Parks of Hamilton County parcours trails a try or if you live on the east side of Cincinnati, try the parcours at Anderson Township’s Veteran Park.

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