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Offended by Non-Disclosed Referral Links?

Freedumb asks

Are You Offended By Non-Disclosed Referral Links?

I left a comment that I was not offended. Most PF blogs are monetarizing their blogs in some way so I figure anything that looks remotely like a link of a company name is probably a referral. I already hover on company-like links to see if there is an ID code, then it is my choice to click on it or do as ETF Guy as does and strip out the affiliate code (see comments).

If I thought the entire purpose of their blog is to collect readers who will click through their affiliate codes, I just would not read that blog. By the way, PFblogs.org will not list splogs (spam blogs) or have them as a friend.

But as I said on Freedumb’s post, I am far more inclined not to read a blog if it has a-hard-for-me-to-read font and/or color and a few other things like distracting layout or does not publish a full feed.

Yes, I know many bloggers will not publish a full feed because then readers will not click through to the blog and ultimately on an advert for which they benefit. I am not against that. My blog reading time is short and if I can easily skim and save posts in my RSS reader, the more likely I am to go back and comment when I have time. That is if the I can read the font without inching close to the screen, giving myself a headache from squinting, scrolling or arranging the browser window to exclude “noise” or if I have to highlight the text of a post because it overlaps with the side columns. I am getting into a whole other post here…

Back on topic, in the interest of full disclosure, readers of this blog may see referrals for:

  • ING Direct
  • Amazon
  • Andi’s aStore
  • BzzAgent, Inc. (does not appear as a link since you would have to email me to sign you up)
  • Ads by Google; Google products
  • MyBlogLog (no clue what I get by referring you)
  • Blingo

I welcome any reader who wants to take advantage of these referrals, but mostly it is my family and friends who know that if I am talking about free stuff, coupons or the pop culture I am consuming, they can visit my blog rather than ask me to email them the info (and then have to listen to me say, just visit my blog – it’s FREE to READ!)

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  • Tiredbuthappy September 9, 2006, 2:27 pm

    Huh, you WANT the full post in RSS? I don’t. I just want headlines and a few first lines so I can skim more posts quickly. If I’m hooked in, I’ll click to read the rest.

    Interesting. I wonder what the marjority of RSS users want? Maybe I should change my feed?

  • udandi September 9, 2006, 3:28 pm

    Yeah, the full feed so I do not have to click the headline in Bloglines to read the post at the person’s blog. I’m spoiled by the librarians who post full feeds 🙂

    I find even if I read the blurb (255 characters – make’em count!), I’m not always hooked enough to click onto the blog to read more :shrug: