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Next Big Thing: Libraries

Lately libraries have been in the news and thankfully it is not just because funding has been cut, a naked guy stole a four pound block of cheese (it is unconfirmed if he was researching a follow-up to Who Moved My Cheese) or another guy peed on books.

Libraries do great things daily, so it is a shame when something outrageous ends in arrest and a news story. It might be why some get really excited to videos like Librarians Do Gaga, the Old Spice guy and the New Spice guy: Study Like a Scholar. NPR summarizes recent this library activity in an article entitled Why The Next Big Pop-Culture Wave After Cupcakes Might Be Libraries.

Mark her words, libraries are the next big thing. Then, mark my words, I’m on the cusp of something grand. Actually, my coworker and I are planning something big…Glee meets the library. Just a tiny reveal on this little blog before some non-library type creates a pile of drivel.

Four years ago August, CinWeekly ran an article on how I got a case of the Mondays, quit my job, pursued my Master’s in Library Science to follow my passion: promoting libraries. I just shared that article with my coworker.

Yesterday, I got Tim and My Mom Calls Me George from KISS 107fm Cincinnati to visit our library for their town of the week segment. Listen to George’s library voice!

Don’t forget, White Castle likes my photo enough to use it on their web site.

I can make things happen!

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  • Lindy July 26, 2010, 4:48 pm

    The interview was great!