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New Year, New Gear

If you’re out this weekend doing last-minute razzle dazzle New Year’s Eve shopping, keep your eyes peeled on the fitness apparel, if you need any.

The fall line will probably be marked down while new offerings will be discounted if not this weekend after January 1 to entice the resolutionists.


I know some fit bloggers are happy to spend $49/month ($294 for six months or $588/year) to subscribe to a service like Birchbox in order to get a new workout top and pant each month.

I guess it depends on your taste and budget, looking at workout clothes basket, I haven’t spent $300 but I have a nice variety of bras, tees, tanks, shorts, capris and pants to get through my weekly workouts (although if you look, it’s mostly black because I’m not trying to draw attention to my hips, thighs, butt).

I do not get compensated for shopping at or blogging about Target, I just happen to like that almost anytime I have cruised through fitness apparel, I can find something marked down and I know how it will fit. For $36 and change, I picked up capris and compression pants. The C9 pants I’ve bought this year are still going strong.

I tried on another department store’s clothing and odd feeling fabric. A discount store had some cheap pants and I learned why, the seams were lousy (I have a sewing machine). I looked at the Champion website, but decided it was a little too spendy for me so I’ll stick with the little sister brand at Target (as long as it ends up on clearance rack).

Click for my previous C9 workout clothes post and photo.

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