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Throughout the week, I post articles and links of interest to the Lunch It Punch It Twitter and Facebook accounts, which is great for those who catch them. But for those who prefer to read Lunch It Punch It only through their RSS reader, they miss this content and it doesn’t allow much room for commentary. With this site transitioning from three weekly writers to one (FM and Lin are pursuing other commitments), I will be doing to a round-up post of these links once a week.

Also, in the very near future I look forward to bringing you a guest post from one of Lunch It Punch It’s biggest Twitter followers. If you are interesting in contributing a guest post, whether a recipe or a post about lunch packing, please contact me at LunchItPunchIt@gmail.com

Hang with me as I adjust the weekly frequency of content but keep in mind, I always look forward to admiring your lunches and conversing with you in the comments, on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Lunch Packing,
Andi (@udandi)

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