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As a kid I wanted an Easy Bake Oven for the novelty of making little cakes, but I never had one (and I grew up just fine). As a grown up, I have my own easy bake oven in the form of a toaster oven and I am hooked on it!

I decided to do this post after ShannanB of MommyBits commented that she did not know you could make biscuits in a toaster oven. Pretty much anything that can go in an oven, I put in the toaster oven, except cake or brownies (those are treats you need in quantity to share). Even my parents are hooked on their toaster oven for the convenience of cooking for two.

After college, I was having dinner at my Aunt and Uncle’s and she said something about no longer making cookies because the two of them would eat the whole lot. I shared with her how I make cookie dough, store it in a container and then when I want two cookies, I bake them in my toaster oven. She started baking four cookies during dinner and said it is just what they need to satisfy their sweet tooth!

I have mentioned before that I like using my 6-cup rectangle Pyrex dish because it fits nicely in my toaster oven whether for baking the first time or reheating. I use it for the usual things like baking a few onion rings, toasting bagels before turning it into a delicious bagel pizza and making quick candy treats like these Chocolate Peanut Pretzels. Then, my mom gave me a mini muffin pan because she said it would fit in my toaster oven. I love love LOVE warm muffins and I love my toaster oven!

See what others are hooked on each Friday at Hooked on Houses who I found through the local Twitter scene :)

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