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libraries are for lovers

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Since Sunday I have been wrapped up in #saveohiolibraries hoping to make as many aware that Governor Strickland proposes cutting the Public Library Fund by 50% over his two-year budget. That according to the Ohio Department of Taxation in 2010-11 budget years that General Revenue Fund is projected to fall 18% & 16% and cuts to libraries far exceed that.

I have been calling and emailing, rallying and tweeting, writing and talking. None of which I would be able to do if not for my ability to read.

Friday, the Cincinnati Women Bloggers let me guest post. During Library Lovers Month, I tried to encapsulate what a library is, what it does, what it means to so many. Libraries are a lifeline.

But I still have more to say:

To the people who say everything is on the Internet, we don’t need libraries. Apparently you do not look for older newspaper articles online.

To the part-time college students working at my library who say we don’t live in Ohio it does not affect us. Hopefully, your post-graduate plan do not include looking for employment across the Ohio River in Cincinnati.

To those who live outside of Ohio, if you have ever used your home library’s InterLibrary Loan and requested they borrow materials from another library, you may have benefited from Ohio public libraries.

To those who say they don’t use libraries, they buy books, DVDs and CDs. Because you do not directly benefit, you do not and cannot support it for those who do? Does it occur to you that the book you bought might have been researched with library materials?

To those who say everyone should buy a computer and have home internet access, should you ever experience joblessness libraries will still welcome you when you have to trim back on luxuries like Internet, Netflix and books. Libraries will still have a free place for you to meet with your network contacts, that does not require the purchase of a fancy latte.

We have three days to let our voices be heard and to thank those legislators, who DO support libraries.

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  • Robin July 4, 2009, 7:36 am

    I definitely support our libraries! I let my voice be heard. Thanks for spreading the word.