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More Hot Yoga with Yoga Alive

I’ve previously mentioned hot yoga, a lot. I guess because it is something I thought I would never do and it turns out I really like it. It has helped me off-set the muscle-building my legs experience in resistance training and spinning with stretching, which helps keep the compressed disc in my lower back from being agitated. Plus, I really like being in a hot room. It’s challenging, but once you let your body settle down, you realize what it is capable of doing. Oh and the sleeping after hot yoga is always my best night.

I am so thankful that the studio tweeted me to share their grand opening free week back in October, that my coworkers wanted to go and now I’m able to share it with friends.

yoga alive sweaty bands

yoga alive sweaty bands

Yoga Alive is opening two new studios in Cincinnati. If you’re interested, this is your time to try before you buy. And when you first buy, you’re paying $10 for 10 classes. One American dollar per class. This offer was introduced AFTER I bought my first 10-class pass so I’m determined to make sure others get to take advantage of something I didn’t.

While it sounds like the Kenwood location will have the most number of classes, the Clifton location sounds like it will have classes and times to college crowd while the Hyde Park schedule looks to have the usual hot classes. Visit the site to see the class schedule, to schedule yourself and print your waiver if you’re new.


Saturday, February 2 at 4pm FREE Hot 60 at the Kenwood location.

The Clifton location opens Sunday, February 3 and will offer FREE classes all week. Barring any illness, I will be at the Monday, February 5 Hot 60 at 6pm and Friday, February 8 Yoga Jamz at 7pm. Trust me, you can still shower and be out by 8:45pm.

The Hyde Park location opens the week of Sunday February 24 and will offer FREE classes all week.

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook or check their website events section, that’s where I see FREE classes and take advantage.


I was new to yoga when I went to my first class and I’ve never felt like I didn’t belong.
You will see all ages, body types and both genders at classes. It’s for everyone.
I take my own mat and towel, but if you don’t have them, you can rent them.
I wear fitted capris, sports bra and tank.
You will sweat.
Drink plenty of water. I like to up my intake a little more for the 24 hours before I go to class.
I take a change of clothes because I don’t like driving home in sweat soaked clothing.
There are showers and I’ve used them after Friday night.
I arrive at least 15 minutes early so I can drop my bag in the locker room, place my mat and relax before class starts.
Once you enter the room, you are to be silent. Rip that velcro strap off outside the room.


If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll try to help.

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  1. Tricia @ Take 10
    February 6, 2013 at 9:26 am

    I just don’t think I’d like that . I feel so nauseous when over-heated.

    1. Andi
      February 6, 2013 at 9:48 am

      I’ll admit I like the heat and humidity of Cincinnati summers, as in I don’t mind being outside. Doing yoga in 90 degrees and 40% humidity seemed a bit much, but I was told to give my body the benefit it would adjust to the elements. It did and I’m reminded the human body is pretty amazing!

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