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ModCloth Inspired Nail Art

This fabulous nail art post is brought to you by Amy of High Heel Mileage, who blogs regularly about life as a future expat and her adventures in health and fitness. You’ve seen her before on this blog because her face appears in the header!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a beautiful, well made dress. And I’m in love with this whimsical floral design by ModCloth. Perfect for that end-of-summer party you’ve been invited to – the Gust of Glam Dress is a party all on its own. From the whimsical asymmetrical hemline and floral pattern to the hot pink bow and frilly flow this dress will turn heads the second you walk in the door.

Mod Cloth Nail Art |udandi.com

But the party doesn’t have to end with the dress. Why not rev up your manicure game with some ModCloth inspired nail art? This design lends itself to a plethora of inspiration for adding a twist to an otherwise sweet manicure. Bust out your most vivid purple and pink polishes and dress up a manicure worthy of accommodating this frock.

Mod Cloth Nail Art |udandi.com

A dress with this many visually interesting elements demands some thoughtful planning when it comes to designing nail art to complete the look. “Measure twice, cut once” as my dad always says. Granted, he was talking about cutting a 2×4 at the time, but as I’m not much of a carpenter, I applied his advice to my nail art design. Design twice, paint once.

Mod Cloth Nail Art |udandi.com
Mod Cloth Nail Art |udandi.com

The bow on this dress brings structure to an otherwise carefree, “anything goes” design so I dedicated one nail for the bow alone. Don’t worry about copying the dress pattern perfectly – strike a balance somewhere between visually striking and complimenting the design.

For added pizzazz, highlight the darker colors with a contrasting silver sparkle topcoat.

Mod Cloth Nail Art |udandi.com

Mod Cloth Nail Art |udandi.com

Not into the matchy-matchy color scheme? Try complimentary colors like lime green or yellow to really set the nail art apart from the pack.

And remember, when it comes to nail art – as with most things in life – it’s about fun not perfection!

Find amazing deals at ModCloth and create your own inspired nail art!

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  • Amy August 28, 2014, 10:29 pm

    I’m a little bit addicted to coming up with nail art now!