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Miscellaneous Monday

Kelly’s Martha Stewart’s Cake o’ the Month posts me hungry since they’re so delicious looking and I’m told they are! I comment on blogs, but never know if it is like this blog where I’m usually talking to myself so I was blown away when she replied (via email) to my comment!

Similarly I left on Supereggplant and Mariko replied, too! Here’s the photo I was referring, in case more of her readers click over and wonder what I was talking about here. It made my days to get those replies (it’s the little things)!

A web site with some cool projects to try.

Stampin Up! posted their 2006 retiring rubber stamp sets. I’ve got some ABR (already been retired) stuff on ebay.

LJC found a really cool contact lens case!

Lastly, I would like to send a Barry Manilow song dedication birthday greeting to a very cool chick who won’t see this because she’s busy with her new babies – happy birthday (to all of you)!

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