Mini craft show set-up

mini craft show set-up
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Friday, there’s a boutique at staff development day, but I don’t to want repackage all the items that list my web site (I don’t need all my coworkers to be aware of my web site) so I am only taking a mini set-up. My goal is to make enough to buy a beer Friday night (my dad always told me to aim for the brass rings in life, so I know he’d be proud of such a lofty goal – ha!)

The pink metal bucket works well because it keeps people from having to do the “butt brush” which is a term I learned when I took this job. Women do not like having to bend or stoop down to look or pick something up because of the unflattering position it puts you in. Also, the bucket serves to carry everything so I can make it through the door in one trip.

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