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Meme: 3 Things

Tagged by Larae to disclose more useless information about me.

1.Things that scare me:
When someone sneaks up behind me
Crazy drivers
Dreams where I lose my teeth

2. People who make me laugh:
My family
My friends
Michael Scott (The Office)

3. Things I hate the most: (hate is a strong word, so consider these annoyances)
when my socks slide down into my shoes
people with bad breath who are nearly out of breath so they’re panting large volumes of their gnarly breath *gag*

4. Things I don’t understand:
languages I don’t speak
people who expect me to read their minds and get frustrated when I can’t!

5. Things I’m doing right now:
thinking (just barely)

6. Things I want to do before I die:
invent something
use up all my craft supplies so someone doesn’t carelessly throw them out 🙁

7. Things I can do:
make people laugh
make things

8. Ways to describe my personality:

9. Things I can’t do:
I’ve already admitted to not being a mind reader
hula hoop (I’ve lost my knack)
find a willingness to spend money on wrapping paper, make the gift look nice knowing that the person is just going to rip it to shreds

10. Things I think you should listen to:
your gut instinct
the bob & sheri podcast

11. Things you should never listen to:
toxic people
guilt-trip givers
songs by Hinder

12. Things I’d like to learn:
I’ve got a whole bunch of things I’m still learning so rather than add to the list, so I don’t want to add to the list

13. Favorite foods:
my mom’s pork roast
toffee chip ice cream
Italian chicken pizza

14. Beverages I drink regularly:

15. Shows I watched as a kid:
Small Wonder
Growing Pains (have you seen Ben in the new McDonald’s commercial?!)
Brady Bunch

Open tag, if you want to play, just leave me a comment so I can visit your list 🙂

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  • Larae January 8, 2007, 5:58 pm

    Great answers, haha..the Hinder one made me laugh, I agree! Thanks for filling this out & for the good wishes! =)