McAlister’s Tea Tumbler: $5.99

McAlister’s Tea Tumbler

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Editor’s Note: Approximately July 20-something each year, McAlister’s hosts free tea day, where any iced tea is free and then following there is a tumbler for sale.

I have no intention of keeping this page updated yearly of the free tea day or cost of the tumbler, but enjoy a story about buying a McAlister tumbler.

I’ve been aware that Starbucks has an insulated cup that looks like their throw-away plastic cups, but I knew they were $12.95, hard to find, and that they were selling on eBay for a ridiculous price. I have two coworkers who love their 16oz and 20oz tumblers and another who admires them. I was determined to find one of these for her birthday, which meant I could possibly step foot in more Starbucks in one week than I had been in my whole life.

Then while at McAlister’s picking up a gift card for a different friend, I noticed an advertisement for their Tea Tumblers for $5.99! I asked to purchase one and was told they sold out of about 168 in two days. I guess the offer of 99 cent iced tea refills will do that (what do I know, I don’t drink iced tea, either!). ugh.

Upon telling this tale to the birthday coworker, she called to ask when they would receive more stock (notice her determination?!) and learned they had more stock. There I was at McAlister’s for the second day in a row buying tea tumblers at 9:30pm so I could give my unsuspecting coworker an early birthday gift!

July 29 is free iced tea day. If you buy a 20oz tea tumblers for $5.99 you can get 99 cent refills for the rest of 2010.

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