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Mason Jar Meals

If you liked last week’s Salad in a Jar post, you might like this post The Decorated Cookie about using mason jars to pack your lunch. She created this lunch as part of a food challenge for something that travels well and looks great. She fit her mason jar meal for two in a provided soft-sided cooler.

Now, if you do not like using Pyrex in your lunch tote, you will not like this idea because obviously glass is heavier than other packing options.

Visit her blog for information how to layer items so they stay fresh and crisp and to get the recipes for each jar.

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  • Dawn October 17, 2011, 5:36 pm

    Also good for storing things in dip for your lunch. Put the dip in the bottom, and stick what you want standing up in the jar. Then just pull a piece out and snack.