Mall food trays dirty as toilets?

If our March Madness of Lunch Packing hasn’t inspired you pack your lunch maybe this news will give you another reason to pack your lunch, especially if you work at a mall, dine at a college or place with food trays. Plastic food trays used at malls are as dirty as gas station toilet seats. ew. [Side note: why are gas station toilets the benchmark for dirtiness, not door handles that everyone everyone touches?? Discuss in the comments.]

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. took swab samples from food trays in three Vancouver-area malls and had them analyzed by the University of British Columbia. The trays were contaminated with “a fairly large number” of acinetobacter bacteria, which causes gastrointestinal illness and is highly resistant to antibiotics.

The good news is that our bodies are equipped to fight this bacterial invasion. But imagine the peace of mind you will have by packing your lunch? Not only do you know what’s for lunch, but with what it has been in contact. Speaking of which, don’t forget to clean your lunch tote, inside and out. Now I sound like my Gramma.

Back on the grade school bus, kids would ask you packing or buying? I’m packing as always. How about you?

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